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The GLO Network 


GLO was founded and is owned by Nurse Injector, Jamie Queen-Smith. Jamie has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Aesthetic Nursing and Emergency Nursing and 22+ years of experience in the medical industry. She loves using her artistic ability to enhance clients’ natural beauty while boosting their self-esteem. 

Jamie disliked the exclusivity and unattainability of the everyday person to be able to afford traditional medspas services because her belief is, “Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves”. After resigning from a prestigious medspa, Jamie started GLO out of her house in 2018. Jamie challenged the conventional marketing narrative centered around the aesthetic industry and now we have over 250 nurses that practice independently under the direction and management of Just GLO. 

Our Vision- is to inspire women and/or men to feel secure and confident in themselves, while also empowering and creating entrepreneurs. 

Our Primary Goal- is to keep overhead low so that our services are provided at a reasonable rate for our clients. We believe every person, regardless of socio-economic status, should have access to injectables. 

GLO values giving qualified nurses the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and share our vision with the world – a passion to provide affordable aesthetics because the everyday person deserves to feel good. We want everyone who takes our training to flourish and thrive whether they sign on and become an independent contractor with The GLO Network or not. We have provided all of the information for you to decide if GLO is right for YOU. 


The Advantages of Choosing GLO 

In our training, we provide you with the framework and lay the foundation to start your Aesthetic journey. Keep in mind, that if you sign on with the GLO network, you will have access to ongoing advanced training monthly. 

Similar to the laws of supply and demand, the more nurses that collaborate on our team, the cheaper our products will cost. By joining our team, your products will be less expensive than if you were on your own or with a smaller company. With cheaper products, you are saving your clients money. This will help with client retention and increase your profits. 

If you are a registered nurse, once trained, you are open to practice throughout the state and our other approved states: 

  • Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Florida (only NPs), Arkansas, and North Carolina. (If your state is not listed just ask, we are always working on adding more states) 
  • (Depending on the state) You can practice out of your home, salon, or your client’s home (we encourage everyone to always check with your State's Nursing Board to make sure you are following the correct protocols and procedures). 
  • While you will be one of our independent contractors remember that you are part of a team. Being a part of this team means you will always have support. We can always learn from each other. 
  • You are allowed to work at your own pace. This can be a part-time or full-time position. YOU WORK FOR YOURSELF!!! No director or owner telling you how much or how little to charge or inject on your client. This allows you the opportunity to do what’s best for your business and your client.


Is Injecting Right For YOU? 

If you are a registered nurse and want to expand your skills by entering the aesthetic field of nursing, then injecting IS right for you. Injecting is a combination of science and art. The art of injecting is not always concrete thinking. Yet, it requires you to think outside the box and provide individualized aesthetic care for each patient. While this position may seem glamorous, you will still be working with and providing medical treatment to the general public. You must be willing to establish an ongoing relationship with your clients. 

This IS NOT a position for a person who doesn't thrive in an AUTONOMOUS POSITION. You must be confident in taking risks and able to troubleshoot concerns with your clients. While GLO is a team and will provide support, you are ultimately functioning as an individual and will need to make day-to-day decisions on your own.


Is Being a Part of OUR Network Right For YOU? 

Our Mantra is Hustle and Heart’- to have the courage, confidence, self-belief, and self-determination to go out there and make YOUR dreams become YOUR reality. If your heart isn’t in it neither are YOU

Our business model provides the foundation and fundamentals to grow confident and successful nurse injectors. Each one of our independent contractors is in charge of the success of their OWN business. With that being said, YOU need to have the discipline, dedication, and determination to bring yourself and your business to the top. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, we have put what comes along with being an independent contractor below. 

  • You will need your own workspace. However, we have a wide range of networks that can help place you into a facility. 
  •  You are NOT considered an employee of GLO. 
  • We do NOT provide health insurance. 
  • You will be in control of your own business. This is NOT a medical spa facility where clients are provided for you. You will have to build your own business. 
  • In order to remain a member of GLO  and have your contract remain in good standing you are held to the standard to follow the guidelines and remain ethical. Even though you are your own business there are a few things that you will need to stay in compliance with to remain contracted with GLO, such as using our EMR system and following our procedural and policy manual. This ensures that everyone is practicing as safely as possible. 
  • Responsible for abiding by state regulatory laws, working within the proper scope of your license, responsible for following states OHSA guidelines. 


What Does OUR Management Company Provide for YOU? 

EMR System and Consent Forms: Included in your annual Management/Membership fee is access to The GLO Networks EMR system and consent forms. The EMR System allows your MD to sign off on your monthly charts easily, but there are other benefits. 

  • You can use it as your booking site for your clients to book with you.

  • You can have new services added easily by one of our management.

  • You have access to an already-made consent form.

Purchasing Products: When you onboard as an independent contractor onto The GLO Network you are given access to our store where you purchase ALL of your products.

  • We have pickup locations.

  • We offer shipping (with a fee).

  • Access to numerous brands of medical-grade skincare, dermal fillers, neurotoxins, chemical peels, and more!

Legal Resources: We have provided State-by-state legal resources. These resources inform you how your specific state operates and how to set up your business in that state. Each state runs differently and has a scope of practice that YOU MUST abide by to have a successful and legal aesthetic practice.

Training Opportunities: Once signed on you have access to ongoing training and webinars. We offer a variety of training for all injectors. From beginner (Cheek or Lip filler) training to intermediate (Jaw Line or Undereye filler), to advanced (Sculptra or Radiesse) training. The aesthetic industry is ever-growing and there are new advancements every day, so no matter how long you’ve been an injector or how much experience you have there are always opportunities to learn new skills to grow your business.

Internal Communications App: This is our exclusive communications app, called Connecteam here are just a few things it offers:

  • Updates on anything new or upcoming.

  • It houses Nurse Files for your MD.

  • Training Information.

  • Protocols and Procedures.

  • Reward Help and Information.

  • Connect to Other Nurses in The GLO Network.


Cost Breakdown

  • You will have the opportunity to purchase the product as needed. This allows you to work as much or as little as you want and the flexibility to price your products at whatever you choose for whatever return on profit you desire. 
  • You are responsible for your rent. GLO does have contracts with different facilities that may have space available for rent, but you would be responsible for that cost. 
  • You will be responsible for the costs of your supplies. This includes, but is not limited to: syringes, gloves, sharps containers, chairs, etc.
  • You are also responsible for your malpractice coverage with the medical director added. The cost varies but it is very minimal when you are first starting. The cost does increase as you add services and hours. It’s approximately $1500.00 for a full-time nurse working 40 hours a week. GLO has a connection with a malpractice insurance agency that can help secure a policy for you. 
  • You will pay an annual membership/management fee of $700 (subject to change) It is split up into two payments.
  • Now we can’t give you the exact dollar amount for supplies and overhead costs but we can help you navigate. 
  • How is your supervising physician paid? Our model is set up so that the Management Company collects the fee on the supervising physician’s behalf. The fee is incorporated into the price of the products. You will only be paying your supervising physician for the product you purchase and services rendered by the use of these products. There is no minimum requirement. You purchase what is needed for your business.

***Insurance coverage and GLO’s annual fee are due upon signing the contract.*** 


About Us & How We Operate
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